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  • Song: Crazy In Love
  • Artist: Kadebostany
  • Fandom: Teen Wolf 
  • Pairing: Malia/Kira

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Happy 23rd Birthday Tyler Garcia Posey!!!  [ October 18, 1991 ]

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Feed the good, starve the evil.
You manifest your own reality, think positive thoughts, live a positive life.
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Every single one of your actions suddenly becomes epic when you listen to this

I play this in my car while I’m driving.

I’m getting married and walking down the aisle to this song

I decided this a long time ago

Try petting the cats to this.

Ima just gon reblog this a seventh time okay

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help save me from boredom


anyone who reblogs this by october 31st will get a dinosaur drawn based off of their blog. (must reblog not just like) 

so reblog for a cute dinosaur. or a spooky dinosaur. depends on your blog.

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Reblog if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender or a supporter.

This should be reblogged by everyone. Even if you’re straight, you should be a supporter.

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Wouldn’t it be the cutest thing if Maya turns out to be gay but she doesn’t know yet she just knows she’s super jealous of all the attention Lucas is getting from her best friend.

Then as the show goes on we have her dealing with all of that. I think that would super duper be in the spirit of Boy Meets World and I WANT IT SO BADLY PLEASE.

I need queer teenagers on the disney channel please and thank you



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  1. Riley: This isn't a present this is one of your life lessons wrapped up in a class lesson wrapped up in a box of nothing!
  2. Maya: How ya doing, honey?
  3. Riley: I'm all worked up!
  4. Maya: I know.